Smart picking

          Listen, lets be real, we all pick. It’s an inevitable evil for most people. You just see a whitehead/bump start to form and you just can’t wait to get your little fingers on it. Trust me girl, we’ve all been there. If you’re going to extract then at least do it right so as not to spread, cause infection, bruise and possibly forever scar.

How do I know when its ready? When the infection comes to the surface appearing as a whitehead and NO EARLIER! If you notice that there is no white head and it hurts and appears to be under the skin, do NOT attempt to extract. Those large and painful pimples are actually cystic and are under multiple layers of the skin. They will NEVER come to a head and picking at those will cause infection, the spreading of cystic acne to other areas and scarring.

How to extract? With a freshly clean fact and certainly clean hands, you can apply a warm, damp washcloth to it for 2 minutes to soften the skin and to make extraction easier. Next, if you have an extracting tool then you will want to center it within the loop of the comedone extractor and rock the tool gently from side to side, again applying slight pressure until it is pulled from the follicle. Pressing too hard can cause bruising and scarring. If you do not have an extraction tool, wrap your fingers in tissue and gently squeeze the whitehead twice. If you have a sterile lancet, you can pierce the blemish to get it out more easily. If it doesn’t come out in one or two tries, it means it wasn’t ready. Squeezing before the blemish is “ripe” will only further injure the skin, resulting in redness and a dark scar. Take that as a lesson, and wait a little longer next time.

What should I do after I extract? Use an astringent to disinfect the extracted area. This might cause a burning sensation but the pimple should go away completely after a few days. If you notice it getting even more irritated after a few days, go see your esthetician and or dermatologist.

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